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PORON® Vive® Energy Activated Cushioning

PORON® Vive uniquely combines shock absorption and energy return in a single technology to keep you on your feet through the toughest activity. PORON Vive provides maximum comfort and performance to every step by reducing fatigue from repeated step shock and rebounding energy for a resilient feel. Unmatched in its ability to cushion during rigorous wear, PORON Vive provides continuous, reliable comfort while other materials quickly break down and deteriorate.

  • Retains 90% of original shape for a true-to-design fit
  • Reduced pressure at heavy load points like heel and ball of foot
  • Absorbs shock to minimize fatigue
  • Resilient feel from high energy return
  • Long-term performance that outlasts other materials
  • Reliable cushioning
  • Lightweight and breathable open cells keep you cooler and drier
  • Proprietary formulation manufactured in ISO-certified facilities
Often used in:
Road, trail and court athletic shoes

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