PORON® Comfort Branding Guidelines

About PORON® Comfort Co-Branding

You have chosen the best technology to help enhance your products performance and user experience – now we want to make sure your customers know about it. We are excited to provide PORON Comfort co-branding opportunities to partners who utilize our products in proper design use.

Approved partners can bring the PORON Comfort story to life by utilizing a variety of marketing, sales and promotional materials designed to help you educate your customers and partners.

  • Product demos and videos
  • Sales and retail training
  • Product information and testing
  • Tradeshow and event support
  • Hang Tags and Sewn In tags
  • And much more

To discover benefits available for your PORON Comfort designs and products, contact us using the contact form to the right.

Usage Review and Approval Process

All copy, advertising, promotional, sales, and other marketing materials using the PORON® trademark, name, or promotional materials must be approved by the PORON Comfort marketing team before any use. Prior to using any of the stated items requires a written request to be submitted to the PORON Comfort marketing team 10 business days in advance of using.

Please submit a completed “PORON Comfort Trademark and Marketing Approval Form” to your local PORON Comfort marketing or sales representative for approval.

For questions or to request an approval form, contact your marketing or sales representative or use the form on the right.

Usage of Registered Trade Name in Copy

The following rules are to be followed when including the PORON Comfort trade name in sales/marketing literature, promotional materials or any other copy:

  • “PORON” must always appear in all-capital letters.
  • In text or ad copy where the word “PORON” will be used more than once, the superscript “®” symbol should be used in the first appearance of the word “PORON” in text. Subsequent reference to “PORON” in the same copy text or document need not carry the “®” symbol. In titles, the symbol should always be included after the word “PORON.”
  • An approved “descriptor” always follows the PORON® registered trademark name. Examples of approved descriptors include:
    • PORON® Comfort
    • PORON® Technology
    • PORON® Cushioning
    • PORON® Materials
  • Additional descriptors may be approved by contacting the PORON Comfort marketing team.

Examples of Correct and Incorrect Uses in Copy:

In text, always use all capital letters for “PORON.”

  • Made with PORON® Comfort.
  • Made with Poron.®

Always follow with an approved descriptor. Never use “PORON” alone.

  • PORON® Cushioning offers reliable comfort and support.
  • PORON® offers reliable comfort and support.

Always use upper and lower case for approved descriptors.

  • PORON® Technology lets you focus on your pursuits, not your pain.
  • PORON® technology lets you focus on your pursuits, not your pain.

Never use “PORON” as a noun or with a possessive “s.”

  • PORON® Materials provide long term performance.
  • PORON®’s features provide long term performance.

The “PORON” trademark name should not be altered.

  • This product has been enhanced with PORON® Performance Cushioning.
  • This product has been PORONIZED.® or This is a PORON®-enhanced product.

Logo and Trademark Usage

Logo Usage Guidelines

  • The PORON® logo and related product logos should appear in its original logomark form, as shown above.
  • The logomark should not be used without the preferred descriptor.
    • For example, PORON® Comfort
  • The area surrounding the logomark should remain free of type or other imagery so that nothing competes with the logomark for the viewer’s attention.
  • The PORON® logomark must not be redrawn, re-proportioned, altered or modified in any way. It must not be printed on any angle other than horizontal.

Logo Color Options

  • The PORON® Comfort logomark may also be printed in black font, white font with black background or green font PMS 347 (C=100 M=0 Y=86 K=3)

Trademark footnote

PORON® Comfort is a registered trademark of Rogers Corporation or its affiliate. The PORON trademarks should be footnoted as follows:

PORON® is a trademark of Rogers or its affiliate

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